SEA Committees 2016-2017



1. Bargaining Team

  • Chair: Sandra Finkelberg;

  • Members:  Ben Cassel, Leo Hsu, Ola Hadi, Lian Shoemake (CTA Executive Director)

  • Purpose: To secure the most beneficial contract for members. The Committee normally sunshines the February before the expiration of a Contract.


2. Organizing Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Gene Chavira; and Jasper Daleo;

  • Members: 

  • Purpose: The Organizing Committee’s primary goal is to strengthen SEA by empowering members to take an active role in determining the goals, values, and direction of the organization. During bargaining years, the organizing committee is also tasked with supporting the bargaining team by mobilizing members to fight for a fair contract. This election cycle, the organizing committee will focus on supporting SEA’s PAC by mobilizing members to GOTV.


3. Communications Committee

  • Chair: Julie Walker (RDR);

  • Members: 

  • Purpose: The SEA Communications Committee is responsible for the bi-weekly publication of The Advocate. We also manage our social media presence, including the SEA FB fan page, the group page, and Twitter. This year we will take over the management of the SEA website, with the intent of transitioning into a new format – Nationbuilder. The Communications team also works closely with other committees to craft the messaging for flyers, memos, etc.


4.  Grievance Committee

  • Chair: Ola Hadi

  • Members:Colleen Cooke-Salas, Duke Raley, Shelly Poliska, Paul Short, Gene Chavira

  • Purpose: To help inform members about the grievance process and manage contractual grievances.


5. Political Action Committee (PAC)

  • Chair: 

  • Members:Mary Doyle (PAC Treasurer), Gene Chavira, Cesar Fernandez, Jasper Daleo

  • Purpose: To recruit strong candidates and create a campaign plan as well as manage a campaign for school board elections every 2-4 years. The Committee also organizes an SEA endorsement process for candidates in accordance with SEA bylaws, which includes recruiting, collaborating with other unions, and collaborating with community groups.


6. Membership Committee

  • Chair: 

  • Members:

  • Purpose: Plan member engagement campaigns.


7.  Professional Development Committee

  • Chair: 

  • Members:

    • English-Language Arts Representative: Julie Ratchford

    • Mathematics Representative: 

    • Science Representative: Julie Walker

    • Social Science Representative: Ola Hadi 

    • New Teacher Support Representative: Sandy Finkelberg

    • World Languages Representative: Louise Walker (OHS)

    • PE/Health Representative: TBD

    • VAPA Representative: TBD

    • Technology Representative: TBD

  • Purpose: The SEA Professional Development committee promotes professionalism among members of the Sweetwater Education Association by offering opportunities for professional development by teachers and/or outside resources (as needed).The rationale for the make-up of the committee is to have representation from each discipline, which is in an effort to meet the needs of all district teachers. Each discipline representative will work with other content-area teachers to coordinate collaboration and report to the committee the resources needed.

8. Community Relations Committee

  • Chair: To Be Determined

  • Members:

  • Purpose:


9. Human Rights Committee

  • Chair: Christine Fax-Huckaby

  • Members: Carly Garrett (GLBTQ contact), Chandra Goodnough (women's issues contact)

  • Purpose 


10. Scholarship Committee

  • Chair:

  • Members: Mary Doyle, Gretel Liana Rodriguez

  • Purpose: Committee reads applications for SEA Scholarships and rates them. Committee attempts to award all scholarship monies out to children of SEA members who have filled applications. Awards are given in April or May.


11. SPED Committee

  • Chair: Gene Chavira
  • Members: John Simmons (MOM), Chris Shelton (MOM)
  • Purpose



12. SEA Reps to the District Benefits Committee

Reps: James Love, Kim Edmonds,


13. Elections Committee

  • Chair: Gina Vattuone

  • Members: 
  • Purpose 


14. Multi-lingual Advocacy Committee

  • Chair: 

  • Members:
  • Purpose


15. Budget Committee (Cost Management)


16. Adult Education Committee

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