SEA Committees

Sweetwater Education Association Committees 2018-2019

SEA has the following committees.

Organizing – Lucy Ugarte, chair

Special Education – Chris Shelton

Adult Education – Erica Dibello-Hitta

Political Action Committee – Robert Farrell

Benefits – James Love, Kimberly Edmonds

Budget – Cesar Fernandez

Scholarship – Carla Cardenas

Joint Governance (Induction)

E 3 Committee – Gene Chavira

Bargaining – Julie Walker

By-laws/Standing rules – Julie Walker, coordinator

Grievance – Shelly Poliska

Communications – Emmanuel Gutierrez, Jessica Davis

Elections – Lisa Burgess

The SEA President and Committee Chair appoint members to these committees. SEA members are encouraged to get involved in supporting various committees.

It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to email the SEA Secretary a brief (1-2 Paragraphs/bullets) report the Friday before the Rep Council Meeting. This report will be included in a general committee update at Rep Council meetings. Please use the following email address: The Subject Line of your email should be “SEA Committee Report.” Chairs are allotted 1-5 minutes at the beginning of Rep Council to update members. SEA Site Reps should contact Committee Chairs via email with specific or lengthy questions. If Committees need longer than 5 minutes, they may request time under New Business at Rep Council meetings. 

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