Conversation for Crew Captains

In your conversation, cover each of the topics in order. End with the question in bold, and get an answer. If the answer is YES, add the person to a campaign crew.

The issue is: 

Last year we almost went on strike because we had a school board who allowed the superintendent to make decisions that not only undermined our contract, but also that undermined our schools. We never want to be in a situation like that again, and one of the ways is to ensure candidates who support public education and value teachers are elected to the school board in November.

It’s significant because: 

We have a historic 5 seats open due to the convictions of 4 former trustees and one vacant seat. SEA has surfaced and endorsed 5 candidates, one for each area of representation, who vow to strengthen and protect neighborhood schools, advocate for public education, and have demonstrated honesty and integrity within their community.

The ideal outcome is: 

SEA’s 5 endorsed candidates will win their election!

Relevant background information: 

  • Each candidate was interviewed and vetted by the SEA PAC, recommended by the SEA BoD, and endorsed by the SEA Rep Council
  • Each candidate has also been endorsed by the San Diego Democratic Central Committee, Chula Vista and/or South Bay Democrats, and San Diego Labor Council.
  • Each candidate is viable in terms of experience and community support.


What we have done up to this point: 

  • The SEA PAC conducted early endorsements to ensure community allies backed our chosen candidates.
  • Fully funded our PAC to ensure we have money to support our candidates.
  • Developed a winning campaign strategy for all five candidates with the assistance of a proven campaign consultant.


Options we are considering: 

In addition to using traditional campaign tactics (yard signs, mailers, etc) we must launch a coordinated ground campaign where we actively engage with the community regarding our chosen candidates.


The help we want from membership is: 

We need you to commit to participating in at least one session of phone banking or precinct walking. Will you help elect a responsible, ethical, and pro-education school board by participating in at least one of SEA’s campaign activities?

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