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5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Kathleen Perry says:

    Do we have dates for the furlough days for this first semester? We need these dates for planning purposes. Thanks – Kathy

  2. Dan Wasson says:

    The contract on the website is the 2011-2012 contract. 2012-2013?

  3. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    For those who do not use facebook, is there a way you can share the formula on how to calculate how much we will get back from the furlough days

    • sea2012 says:

      It depends on what your base or GROSS monthly salary is. GROSS means before ANY deductions including pre-tax withdrawals like 403(b)s. The district has been deducting 14/184s (@7.6%) of your GROSS monthly pay. This was to avoid the balloon-payment shock of having to begin docking pay warrants in December if the Prop failed to pass, compressing the amount of each remaining warrant. What will be restored is either four (Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct) or 5 (+Nov if the district can’t meet the deadline for payroll this month with the county) deductions for those months. But there still will be a prorated deduction for 3/184s (@1.63% of GROSS) since we’re taking 3 furlough days regardless of Proposition 30′s outcome. That will continue through the June warrant. What happens AFTER that is negotiable between now and then. Keep in mind that any retro amount returned to us is fully taxable as income. While it’s good we’ll be getting the retro check before Jan 1 when end of the 2003 tax cuts are scheduled to kick in, you still can expect a tax percentage of whatever you get back taken out. Also, because the amount for the December pay warrant may be higher than normal, you may find you may have been pushed into a higher tax withholding bracket, but that will average out when you do your full year’s taxes.

      Example: Your monthly gross pay is $6,000. You’ve been losing 7.6% of that meaning it’s been reduced to around $5,544 ($6,000 x 0.076 or $6,000 – $456 for $5544). Only 11/184s of that will be restored for each month meaning you’ll still be losing $97.80/pay warrant leaving you with $5,902.20 instead of your regular monthly base of $6,000. If you take the difference ($456 – $97.80 = $358.20) and multiply that times 4 months ( 4 x $358.20) that would get you $1,432.80 ($1791.00 if November’s included) for your gross pre-tax reimbursement. You’ll have to find out whatever tax bracket you’re in, both fed and State, to further reduce this, but figuring about 25%, that would leave you with about $1,074.60 or $1,343.25 respectively. Any other prorated deductions (e.g., Medicare) would also take a bite out of your reimbursement. Fixed pay deduction items such as Kaiser health care premiums will not change in most cases and so will not influence the retro amount any further. In the end, it will all even out in terms of the full year’s pay and deductions as if no furlough adjustments beyond the 3 days were taken.

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