July 19 Bargaining Update

Welcome back! The 2013-2014 starts with a Bang of a proposal from the district. Here are some bullets of interest:

  • 3 year agreement (Article 1)
  • Reopening on Health and Welfare every year. ( Article 1)
  • 0% increase in salary for three years.( Article 37)
  • Eliminate adult school stipends. (Article 4)
  • Eliminate Palomar’s 10 period day. (Article 5)
  • Term limits for FAC.( Article 5)
  • Increase staffing ratio to 31:1 permanently. (Article 7)
  • Increase all class caps.( Article 7)
  • Eliminate the limit in total student contacts.( Article 7)
  • Administration would have control over preparation periods. (Article 35)
  • Innovative schedules could only be proposed by the principal. (Article 35)
  • Length of class periods may be decided by the principal.( Article 35)
  • Principals would have almost complete control over staffing by eliminating all the point system.( Article 36)
  • Eliminating the posting of jobs in all schools and having them only at the district. (Article 36)
  • All votes change to 50%+1.

If you want to read it more carefully the full proposal will be posted on our website.

Our bargaining proposal covers the following topics:

  • 1 year agreement.
  • Increase adult school stipends.
  • 225 student contacts for PE Teachers.
  • SDC classes capped at 15.
  • Classes should be leveled by number of students in all similar classes.
  • Additional credential requirements mandated by law should be paid by the district.
  • Nurses will be provided clerical help during high traffic times.
  • District should pay 100% of Kaiser 10/10 and provide the same level of coverage for retirees.
  • District will provide a safe and secure campus with proper locks on the doors.
  • Proper procedures for proposing and voting on new schedules.
  • Additional stipends to be added like JV Lacrosse coaches and Robotics coaches and assistant coaches.
  • Wages proposal will be presented in a future session when we have updated budget information.

Our next bargaining session is Monday from 9:00-11:00 A.M.

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