Bargaining Update [Nov 30, 2012]

November 30, 2012

Dear SEA bargaining Unit,

The District’s Human Resources Department has informed me that they will be sending letters to our bargaining unit that indicates what the District has on file with respect to credential information and seniority dates. You will be asked to notify the District of any errors that exist with their records.

I share this information with you because I do not want you to be blindsided by the letters. Expect the letters to arrive sometime next week. Obviously, they are preparing for layoffs and this is a bargaining tactic.

At our November Rep Council meeting, we reviewed the bargaining process from sunshining (the presenting of initial proposals to the public) to settlement or strike.

Our bargaining team will be announcing dates for open hearings, an opportunity for you to meet with the bargaining team to express your bargaining concerns.  They will also prepare a bargaining survey to assist with the formulation of our initial bargaining proposal which will be sunshined at the February school board meeting.

Please stay informed. Our electronic newsletter, the Advocate, is sent to those bargaining unit members that have registered their personal e-mail address with SEA via our website, The Outlook system belongs to the District and they have the ability to monitor our communications when we use the system.


Alex Anguiano, SEA President

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