We have a contract

After a long day at the polling place, SEA Elections Chair Martina Gutierrez has reported the results of the election.
We are happy to announce that SEA unit members have ratified our tentative agreement. We now have a contract!
Here are the results:
Votes cast: 409
Votes in favor of ratification: 367 (89.7%)
Votes against ratification: 42 (10.3%)
I personally would like to thank our Elections Committee Chair Martina Gutierrez and all the volunteers that gave of their time to ensure that the election ran smoothly. Another big thank you to the members that took a few minutes out of their busy day to come out and ratify the contract. Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not thank the bargaining team members for all of their hard work this summer. Tonight’s results are validation of your hard work.
Now we can focus our attention to ensuring passage of Prop. 30 and the defeat of Prop 32.
In unity,
Roberto Rodriguez, Chair
SEA Bargaining Team
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2 Responses to We have a contract

  1. Question says:

    Will someone please inform the public what will happen now that the contract has been ratified? Thanks.

    • Roberto Rodriguez says:

      Yes. The District has already begun to make robo-calls regarding furloughs in September. CTA and SEA is focusing on member to member communication not only on Prop. 30 but also on Prop. 32. Starting in mid-September we intend a strong push to the public on these issues. We are looking at putting together a flyer that teachers may distribute to parents before and after school, to inform them of the impact to their children if Prop 30 fails.

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