Recall of our Bargaining Unit Members –5th Message

Today I spoke with Maria Castilleja, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction. This week, she is the acting “duty officer” while Ed Brand is on vacation.

  • She informed me that the process of informing teachers that they have been recalled has begun. (A handful of teachers informed me that they were recalled today.)
  • I informed her that some of our laid-off teachers received letters from VEBA on Saturday informing them that their benefits expired on June 30th. They also received COBRA information. This is counter to what I was told on Friday. At this point, our laid-off teachers are still covered by VEBA. The COBRA information was sent in error. If you have questions about your benefits status, please contact Todd Torgerson.  His personal cell phone number is 619-933-9458. He has given me permission to share his personal cell phone number with our laid-off teachers if they have questions regarding their benefits status.
  • I expressed to Maria Castilleja the need for the District to communicate directly with laid-off teachers the status of benefits. Some may not be receiving my messages and are not aware that they are covered.
  • I also expressed the need for our HR and Payroll departments to work collaboratively to ensure that recalled teachers are paid this month. She informed me that there will be a superintendent’s cabinet meeting tomorrow morning and that the recall will be on the agenda. She will be running this meeting. A representative from the Finance Department, which oversees the Payroll Department, will be present as well as a representative from the HR Department. Maria Castilleja will debrief me after their meeting.
  • I requested an update from Milena Aubry, HR Director, today. She has not returned my call. (I hope that she was busy making recall phone calls.)

I am in possession of an Excel spreadsheet that has credential information and seniority dates for laid-off teachers that the District is using in the recall process. We will try to send the list our via our Constant Contact listserv. If you are a laid-off teacher and do not receive the list, please send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is . Please write “SEND ME THE LIST” in the subject line. If there is an error on the document, please call the HR Department at 619-585-6001 and inform Milena Aubry in writing. ( )

Alex Anguiano, SEA President

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