Recall of our Bargaining Unit Members – 4th Message & Cobra Benefits

I requested another update on the recall of our bargaining unit members. It took the threat of interrupting the vacation of our superintendent to get through to Melina Aubry, Director of Human Resources.

  • The HR department is still trying to reach excessed teachers regarding their preferences for vacant positions.
  • Some teachers on the laid-off list were mistakenly sent a preference sheet for vacancies. This was an error as the vacancies should have been offered to excessed teachers. This has further caused delays.
  • I was informed that the HR department now plans on calling laid-off teachers on Monday. This is the third revised date that I have received. I have no confidence in the projected dates that HR is providing me.
  • I contacted VEBA and asked why our laid-off teachers have not received COBRA packages. I was informed that our District has not requested that our laid-off teachers be dropped from VEBA. VEBA’s phone number is 619-278-0021. They can check your status if you desire.
  • Laid-off teachers have not been informed by the District that they are still covered by VEBA. I explained to the District the impact this is having on our members and requested that they start communicating directly with laid-off teachers regarding the recall and status of benefits.
  • I spoke with Todd Torgerson. He supervises our District’s benefits manager, a position that is currently vacant. Todd verified that our laid-off teachers still have benefits. I encouraged him to communicate this to our laid-off teachers as we have a multitude of medical needs that need immediate attention. For example, some of our members are expecting babies next week. Todd’s personal cell phone number is 619-933-9458. He has given me permission to share his phone with our laid-off teachers if they would like to be reassured that they still have coverage.
  • I have asked our CTA staff to update our attorney on the current benefit situation.
  • I will be requesting another update on Monday.

Alex Anguiano, SEA President

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One Response to Recall of our Bargaining Unit Members – 4th Message & Cobra Benefits

  1. Nicole Kranzberg says:

    Thank you for sharing is information as it is news to me I am still on VEBA, which makes me furious as I had to search and apply for my own insurance for my family and I since cobra is outrageous. I begin payment on July 1, for my new plan. Any recommendations on what to do? I don’t trust the district as this battling them on a similar issue where they charged me twice for monthly premiums. Thank you again for all you do.

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