Recall of our Bargaining Unit Members – 3rd Message & Continued Evaluations

Today I met with the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Sandra Huezo, and the Director of Human of Resources, Melina Aubry. Sandra Huezo is the “duty officer” serving as superintendent this week while Ed Brand is on vacation. We will have a different duty officer for each of the next two weeks. It was one of my regularly scheduled bimonthly meetings with the HR administration. My primary interest was to receive a status update on the recall of our laid-off bargaining unit members.

I was informed of the following:

  • All principals submitted their Personnel Action Requests (PARs) to the Finance Department by the deadline that was set for last Friday.
  • The Finance Department was able to process the PARs and provide them to the HR department by Monday of this week.
  • The HR Department is in the process of offering vacant positions to teachers that have been excessed from their sites before offering vacant positions to teachers that have been laid-off.
  • I was told that phone calls to recall unit members should begin on Friday.

Last week, I was informed that the recalling should have begun by now. As health benefits end this month for teachers that have been laid-off, this is disappointing. I will contact school board members on this issue. I could use your help to ensure that our laid-off teachers and their families are not placed on the back burner. Furthermore, further delays impact our students as many teachers prepare for the upcoming school year in the summer. Please consider writing to the school board and explain to them how this impacts you, your families, and students. They can be reached on Outlook by sending an email to “Boardmembers.” Please “cc” Sandra Huezo.

I will request an update from HR on Friday.

The other item that I discussed concerned continued evaluations that were issued at the end of the school year. Most were issued at Montgomery High. A continued evaluation can be issued in lieu of an unsatisfactory evaluation. I was informed by several individuals that assistance plans were never created. Since unsatisfactory evaluations cannot be issued without assistance plans, neither should continued evaluations. I informed HR of this issue at the end of the last school year. HR has provided me with a list of people that have received continued evaluations and has requested that principals submit evidence that supports the issuing of the continued evaluations. Such evidence should include an assistance plan. The process is simple. Some evaluators do not understand the process. At this point, I am hoping to resolve this at the informal level.

Alex Anguiano, SEA President

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