Phone Numbers & Recall of our Bargaining Unit Members – 2nd Message

Yesterday, June 18, principals met with a representative of the HR Department and the Finance Department to discuss the principal’s role in the recall process. I met with HR this morning.

At the end of the school year, twenty five bargaining unit members that were not laid off were informed that that they were to be excessed from their sites.  Principals have been directed to submit by Friday, June 22, a list of individuals that still need to be excessed from their sites based on master schedule revisions to the HR department. Two bargaining unit members are returning from a leave of absence and they will also need to be placed.

Principals have been directed to submit Personal Action Requests (PARs) to the Finance Department by Friday. They need to submit a PAR for each vacancy that they have at their site.   Positions that were held by teachers that have been laid off are considered vacancies if the positions still need to be filled.

By Monday, June 25, the PARs should be in the possession of the HR department.  HR will need to offer vacant positions to bargaining unit members that have been excessed from their sites and are returning from leaves of absences. This is a yearly process.  Teachers that have been laid off do not have a right to return to the school site that they were at the end of the 2011-12 school year.  Assuming that principals submit their excess lists and PARs on time and that the Finance Department processes the PARs by Monday, placement of excessed teachers and laid off teachers should begin by mid to early next week.

HR will be contacting people by phone regarding placement/recall. Therefore, it is important to have your best contact number on file with the District.  The person that updates this sort of information is Lupita Ayala-Camunas. Her direct line is 619-585-6006. If she is not available, please call 619-691-5530 and leave a message for her with your best contact phone number.

At today’s meeting, I was pleased that a due date was given for PARs and the excess lists to principals. This can help minimize the movement of teachers from one campus to another. I also expressed concerns regarding health benefits as some of our laid off teachers have immediate medical needs and the need to act quickly once the PARs and the excess lists are in the possession of HR.  I was informed that the HR administrators will be working late to get the job done. Some phone calls may be made in the evening.

I will be contacting the superintendent to discuss the importance of principals meeting the Friday due date. I will continue to monitor the process.

Alex Anguiano, SEA President

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