Recall of our Bargaining Unit Members

Yesterday, the day after the tentative agreement was reached, I had a conversation with the superintendent regarding the recall of our bargaining unit members. The recall needs to be a high priority for the District. It also needs to be planned well and quickly.  It needs to be handled quickly because we have the immediate medical needs of our members on the line and because the 2012-13 school year starts next month. It needs to be planned well to minimize the movement of teachers from one site to another.

We do not have the right to bargain how many teachers will be recalled. We can negotiate factors that impact the numbers of bargaining unit members employed, such as a staffing ratio.  The staffing ratio is 31:1. Master schedules district-wide were not built on the proper ratio. Principals need to go back to the drawing boards and fix their master schedules. They will need to submit to the District a request for content area teachers to complete their master schedules.  As of last week, HR has not received requests for staffing from principals.

Teachers that have been laid off do not have a right to return to their former site. The District must offer positions as they become available by seniority date and credential. I have informed the District that the more people that are recalled on a common date within a subject area will increase the odds of returning a teacher to the site that they were at the end of the 2011-12 school year.

Principals are meeting with HR on Monday, June 18, in afternoon, to discuss the recall process. I’ll be meeting with HR on Tuesday, June 19, in the morning to discuss the recall plan.

I’ll let you know how the meeting on Tuesday goes with HR.

I may need your assistance to insure that this is a high priority for the District.

Many of our bargaining unit members have filed for unemployment and are wondering if they should stop the process. I would not stop the process until I have been notified in writing that I have been recalled.

Alex Anguiano SEA President

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  1. Raul Banuet says:

    Do I need to reapply at the district offices for a position or do I just wait to hear from the district?

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