Bargaining Update 8 Tentative Agreement Reached

The SEA Bargaining Team and the District reached a Tentative Agreement today. Negotiations started at 9:00 AM, a settlement was reached shortly after 5:00pm.

The best way to look at this agreement is in two parts. What happens regardless of the Governor’s tax initiative and then what the consequences of the Tax initiative failing.

Here are the highlights of the agreement independent of the tax initiative:

There will be 3 unpaid furlough days: 2 instructional days to be taken prior to Nov. 6 and 1 non-instructional day on January 14. While there is contingency language for these days, it’s unlikely that the base revenue limit will be such that we will buy back these days.

The .2 for Learning Center teachers will be suspended for the 2012-2013 school year only. However current language will remain in place in the contract.

On health and welfare benefits:
While teachers will continue to have the ability to opt out, as in our current contract, there will no longer be a cash payment for opt-outs. However, as of January 2014 the district will cover the equivalent of 68% of the cost of Kaiser 10/10, Safeguard, Vision and Life and apply it to all members. This is simply a baseline for establishing the district contribution, members will continue to have health insurance options as we’ve had in the past. This agreement means is that beginning with 2014 the District will share in any healthcare cost increase.

Any future online and credit recovery classes offered or contracted by the district shall be taught by qualified unit members. Any additional training required of unit members will be provided by the district.

Adult school teachers lost the language that we got last year regarding getting paid for breaks; however they will return to previous contract language that established a break stipend.

The Governor’s Tax Initiative:

Failure of the governor’s tax initiative would mean a loss of $481 in ADA for the district. It’s a real consequence that’s unavoidable unless the legislature does something to mitigate the impact. In order to deal with that loss in ADA we agreed to 11 furlough days to be taken from instructional days after November 6.

The actual tentative agreement will be sent through our email list and will be posted on our website.

The original update can be viewed here.

The Tentative Agreement of June 14, 2012 can be viewed here.

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8 Responses to Bargaining Update 8 Tentative Agreement Reached

  1. jay67 says:

    Does this mean that pink slips will be rescinded?

    • Rodriguez says:

      At this point the RIFed teachers have actually been laid off, so it’s not a recall. What we expect to happen at this point is that the vast majority of the laid off teachers will be called back and rehired.

  2. Kathleen Perry says:

    What did you agree upon for the step freeze??

  3. Thomas Ultican says:

    Thank you for your efforts. This is a difficult time. On the one hand, I really want to protect our profession and resist any take backs. On the other hand, I want to protect the students with smaller classes and our junior members jobs. There are no easy decisions. It sounds like you people are doing a super job under the circumstances.

  4. Anomymous says:

    These are difficult times.

    Over the last 2 years, Sweetwater is one of the few districts in the county without any furloughs or pay cuts. As a teacher (and because of the circumstances), I’m grateful as of now that we only have to take 3 furlough days. I commend the bargaining team for being patient with these negotiations. The timing is great for teachers and administrators, considering there’s plenty of time left to organize master schedules before July 23.

    Now if only something can be done about the outlandish cost of health & dental insurance (one of the few issues in the district we have a problem with). Again, thanks SEA Bargaining Team for your diligence and hard work the last month.

  5. Daniel Pena says:

    Sounds like “WE” need to start campaigning A.S.A.P! Also, lets remind teachers, THEY are the UNION! The representatives that speak for us are just that: representatives. Some teachers remark about how the “UNION” should do this or that, BUT they forget, WE ARE THE UNION! Union, now and forever. Good job SEA reps!

  6. Patty Blome says:

    When will members be voting on whether or not to ratify this agreement? SD Unified came to an agreements week later than us and are scheduled to vote on their agreement this weekend.

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