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SEA Bargaining Update: March 1, 2017

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Your Bargaining Team met with the District team all day on March 1, 2017.  The teams made significant progress, but still have much work to do before we can discuss settlement. The teams discussed several articles today, with the following results:



SEA proposed a three-year term for the CBA, but the proposal exists as a package with Articles 18 (HEALTH & WELFARE BENEFITS)  & 36 (WAGES).  SUHSD showed an interest in a long deal, but the sides do not agree on the other two parts of the package.

The contract would reopen Article 18 in the second year of the CBA, 2017-18, and Articles 4 (ADULT SCHOOL), 25 (INDUCTION), AND 36 (WAGES) in year three, 2018-19.



The parties signed a Tentative Agreement on this article to include a draft of the 2017-18 school year calendar. SUHSD’s proposal specifically excludes Adult Schools, but includes Alternative Education members.  The work year of ROTC teachers needs to be confirmed with the military. The teams discussed possible language to make the changes in the Salary Schedules.



SEA and the District came to agreement on changes increase the calendar year of Alternative Education schools and also to minor changes regarding renaming some programs.



SUHSD rejected all of SEA’s proposed changes in this article.  The district team presented estimates of financial impact that responded to the proposed class size numbers, but did not include incremental figures.  The district did not offer any numbers at all regarding proposed changes in some VAPA classes, which would bring them to parity with other classes.  



The teams worked on resolving concerns expressed by both sides.  The specific language of the article is very important, as several recent grievances have focused on the current language.  This article was discussed at great length, focusing on (1) The advantages of focusing on an informal vs. a formal process, (2) The advantages of maintaining language referring to verbal vs. written complaints, and (3) To what the terms “resolved” and “resolution” refer.

SEA will be researching language in CBAs from other units in other districts.



SUHSD rejected all of SEA’s proposed changes in this article.



SUHSD rejected all of SEA’s proposed changes in this article.



SUHSD rejected all of SEA’s proposed changes in this article.



SEA proposed language that would keep the district’s contribution at status quo for 2016-17, and would reopen the article for 2017-18 (for January 2018) and for the following year. This proposal is part of a 3-year term agreement. SUHSD has proposed no increases in its contribution.



The teams are close to agreement in principle on language regarding Childbearing Leave and Child Bonding Leave.  



The teams worked separately, in caucus, and together at the negotiating table, to establish language regarding the Induction program for new teachers.  There was no agreement on language regarding peer assistance (PAR) policies.  The SEA team will provide information on CTA PAR Training for future reference.



SUHSD rejected all of SEA’s proposed changes in this article.



The teams have significant differences in their approach to this article, particularly relating to establishment of schedules for newly opened schools, 1/6 assignment limitations, and allowance of IEP days for Special Education teachers (which SEA proposed moving to a new Article 37 – SPECIAL EDUCATION)



SEA changed its proposal from a 5% increase, retroactive to July, 2016.  The new proposal is a three-year proposal to include Article 18 reopeners:


  •  a 4.25% increase, retroactive to the beginning of  2016-17.  


  • a 3% increase, 2017 - 18


  • Wages would be renegotiated through reopeners in 2018-19.


The district expressed great reluctance to negotiate a wage increase for 2017-18 until the State’s May Revised Budget is released, and would insist on reopeners.  



The District rejected an earlier SEA proposal to increase the number of “IEP days” from 9 to 14. The District claims some teachers do not use all their IEP days as is, and that a FCMAT study findings claimed that even 9 days was “too high.”. SEA encourages SPED teachers to contact the team with personal stories to show a demonstrated need to support students and teachers. SEA emphasized the importance of reducing preps for Middle School SPED teachersThe District and SEA agree that a joint committee on SPED should be formed. The District will ensure that Ron Lopez is present to answer SPED questions at the next round of bargaining.


Future negotiations are scheduled for April 7 & 13, and May 12, 18, & 22.  The SEA team will meet for extended caucusing on April 10.


Ola Hadi, OHS (SEA Chair)

Ben Cassel, SUH

Colleen Cooke-Salas, MVA

Leo Hsu, BVH



Jennifer Carbuccia, General Counsel (District Chair)

Scott Hendries, Labor Relations

Roman del Rosario, Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Absent)

Thomas Winters, Principal MVA

Ana Maria Alvarez, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning (Absent)

Dr. Joe Fulcher, Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Culture & Support Services (Absent)

Karen Michels, Chief Financial Officer

Bettina Batista, Principal BVH

Dr. Milena Aubrey, Director of Human Resources (Absent)

Dr. Jay Marquand, Director of Alternative Education (Absent)

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