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Survey on Article 6 Calendar:     LONGER CALENDAR YEAR?

On January 18, 2017 the District shared a written proposal on Article 6, Calendar work year. They proposed to change the Calendar from 184 days to 187 days. They stated that the interest was in reducing the amount of time teachers are pulled outside of their classrooms on Professional Development Days, and also reducing the amount of substitute teachers needed. Two days would be fully District directed Professional Development days, and one day would be split between teacher time and District time, in the spirit of Article 6.18.

SEA related the need to gather input from members on their attitudes towards any possible increase in work year, even at a .54% salary increase per additional day for the longer work year. The District has now shared two possible Calendars should their three additional days be accepted by the Association.

In order to gather Bargaining Unit Member input, the Bargaining Team is asking you to answer a brief survey below. Bargaining Unit members are also encouraged to email and/or call their SEA Site Representatives to communicate any concerns.

 Thank you,

Ola Hadi

Bargaining Chair 

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Are you open to working more non-instructional days during the school year for more pay? (No students; Most days will be used for District-directed Professional Development)


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