A New Day in Sweetwater

It's a new day for SUHSD.Election results are in and four of the five new School Board members are SEA endorsed candidates. Not one of the former board members were even close to getting back on. The registrar of voters has about a month to certify election results but here are the results as they stand right now in each Trustee Area:

  • TA 1: Arturo Solis
  • TA 3: Frank Tarantino
  • TA 4: Nicholas Segura
  • TA 5: Paula Hall


In TA 2 we endorsed Adrian Arancibia, that seat was won by Kevin Pike.


One for the Books..

This is truly a historic result. For the first time we have all new board members at the same time. For the first time in at least 15 years, four of the five members will be SEA endorsed. These victories are largely due to the efforts of our members. 

In the last 8 weeks over 150 SEA members made thousands of phone calls, left thousands of phone messages, spoke to hundreds of voters both in person and over the phone, and on their behalf we sent out thousands of pieces of mail. Our members, counselors, students and parents made the case for our candidates to the voters. What we said all along became a reality last night: "when teachers talk to voters and let them know who we believe are the best candidates for our children, for education and for our communities, they listen." And they did.

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the two people that worked so hard behind the scenes to coordinate the effort. Helen Farias and Gretel Rodriguez. Gretel, as our PAC Chair, coordinated candidate interviews and made the recommendations that later the SEA Rep Council endorsed. Helen Farias, our Organizing Chair, coordinated our field effort, phone banking and precinct walking. Coordinating scripts, phone lists and callers for 1 candidate is difficult. She did it for 5 of them. Between the two of them they were at every phone bank and every percent walk for the last 8 weeks. We could not have done what we did without them.

I know a few of our members were involved directly with candidates, a big thanks goes to you as well.

About 5 years ago I had the vision that the SEA endorsement would mean something in our community. That our endorsement would be critical for anybody who wanted to run for school board. Last night we made a statement: Sweetwater teachers will no longer take a back seat in the district politics that impact our students' learning conditions and our working conditions!

I'm so proud of  SEA today, and I'm thankful to SEA members for making this happen.


In Unity,


Roberto Rodriguez

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